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8 Week Men's Weight Loss Program

Revitalize Your Love Life: 8 Week Men's Weight Loss Program

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Online Meeting

Service Description

In this eight week program we will explore your eating patterns, tendencies, addictions and lifestyle to build a custom eating and lifestyle plan for you. You will learn about sexual energy, how to circulate it and last longer in bed and how to use it for creativity, Week 1 - Set you weight loss and love life goals Initial 90 minute assessment consultation to discuss your weight loss and love life goals. We will agree on the first actions to take in week 1. Week 2 - Improve your diet and energy levels 45 minute session to discover food and drinks to include in your diet and set your eating frequency, Learn some breathing techniques to increase your energy levels. Week 3 - Create your eating weight loss plan 45 minute session to create your new eating plan for optimal weight loss. Week 4 - Optimise your weight loss with fasting and circulating sexual energy 45 minute session to discover how fasting can rejuvenate the body and accelerate weight loss. Check in your breathwork practice and learn more about circulating sexual energy. Week 5 - Create an activity plan and celebrate progress 45 minute session to set your activity, breathwork and meditation goals for success. Week 6 - Optimising your health plan to boost your energy and sexual vitality 45 minute session to balance carbs, fats and proteins of optimal energy and sexual vitality. Week 7 - Supplements and elixirs 45 minute session to discover some supplements and elixirs to increase your libido and for optimal health. Week 8 - Celebrate your progress 45 minute session to discuss your health and sexual energy optimisation plan for the future.

Contact Details

07784 588 584

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